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Modern Moroccan Decor

Modern Moroccan Decor

Has anyone noticed lately that there seems to be a trend in home decor for fashion bloggers?! I swear, fashion bloggers have created a new trend when it comes to home decor, and that’s mixing pink with gold, followed with bold, black and white prints, such as chevron. I see it EVERYWHERE, including in every YouTube make-up tutorial. I think you guys know what I’m talking about, and hopefully we can agree that it’s getting kind of stale….

Sure, this “blogger-style” looks so pretty and girly, (blah blah blah) but lately I’ve been obsessing over “Modern Moroccan Decor”. I’m talking beautiful ethnic, tribal prints in black and white, accents of color, metals and dark colors, (all BUT pink…) mixed with crisp whites…fit for a Sultan’s daughter…

Enjoying the vision? Keep reading…

Moroccan Wedding Blanket

“Who, what where, makes this blanket?? I NEED it!” See details at the end of this post if I just read your mind…

When I first started seeing this trend on Pintrest, I felt so intimidated to
re-create it in my own home. It almost reminded me of that one episode with Mariah Carey on MTV cribs, where she revealed her favorite room in the house: “The Moroccan” living room. At the time, I could only imagine how much it would cost to achieve the same look, but now that I’m older, and thanks to the creators of Pintrest, I realize that this look isn’t so intimidating, price wise or decor wise.With the help of blogs, we can all agree that you can practically decorate an entire home on ANY budget, and make it look fabulous. You just have to gather a lot of inspirational pictures of the look you want to achieve, and get organized. The photos in this post are the ones I found to be EXACTLY what I wanted my home decor to reflect. So after hours of getting lost into the wonderful world of Pintrest, I selected the ones I loved the most (which by the way was SO hard!) and  paid close attention to the details of decor used in each picture.

Rather than focusing on furniture (which can be expensive), I focused on key pieces that were bold in print, but stuck with black and white to give the decor a more modern look. The biggest thing for me was finding the right print that reminded me of something I’d find in Morocco. It wasn’t easy, but it also wasn’t overwhelming. The following tips are what helped me narrow down what I wanted, what I had, and what I could work with…


  •  Stay away from jewel tone colors, and stick to one accent color for a more modern look.
  • Choose a Moroccan print you love -I found myself looking at chevron and paisley prints, not realizing that just because something has a black and white print, doesn’t mean it looks “Moroccan”
  •  LightingThe KEY to bringing this look together. Table top lanterns, and laser cut candle holders will bring everything together with out having to spend a fortune to achieve a “Moroccan ambiance”.
  • Search for DIY tutorials on YouTube. I kid you not when I say that you can make ANYTHING yourself now-a-days, and actually prefer it that way because it makes each piece that more special.
  • Ebay, Etsy, flea markets, and consignment shops, are the BEST places to find items you can transform without spending  a lot.
  • Work ROOM by ROOM. That means, work and shop for one room at a time. I once made the mistake of buying everything all at once when I moved into my new apartment, and my god did I regret it. Somehow, you always find pieces you wish you had purchased instead, so go slow, and be patient.
  • Lastly, it’s your home. It’s what you want to come home to at the end of the day. There are no rules to home decor, only suggestions. So have fun, and enjoy watching your home transform into palace right before you eyes!

Below are the photos I used to get inspired, and what helped me get organized by selecting what items I knew I wanted.

{Details on the Moroccan Wedding Blankets are right below this gallery}


When I started searching for images, I came across my favorite Instagramer, @MoroccanGypsy (Seriously, her photos are so beautiful!) and nearly fell over when I saw that she sells these gorgeous blankets. The story behind them, as she explained is that, “Berber women in the mountains of Morocco, make these blankets as a wedding gift for the couple. They’re traditionally called ‘Handrias”, representing love, happiness, purity, and a clean start to the marriage. It represents a clean page, and the sparkles represent all the light and happy times that will come out of being married”. How beautiful is that?? I definitely be adding these to my registry! To get a list of sizes and prices for these stunning blankets, you can shoot @MoroccanGypsy an email ( and inquire about them. She did inform me that they will have a website soon, displaying her collection, so stay tuned by following her on Instagram!

Hope you guys LOVED this post – My apologies for it’s length, but the photos are just so pretty. To view more photos, make sure to follow my Pintrest Board, Modern Moroccan Decor!

Tomorrow’s post: The Top 20 Wish-listed Gifts for this Holiday Season!


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