Socks with Sneakers Trend

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Compared to the “little-girl-ruffled-socks” with Mary-Jane’s trend, this one is one I can tolerate. If anything, it adds to that whole tomboy look, which in the end, makes any woman exude confidence. So how do you rock this look? Do you do knee high athletic socks, or ankle length? Do you do white, black or grey? If you’re asking yourself these questions, then clearly you’re gathering the balls to rock the whole “Socks with Sneakers Trend.” Question is….can you score a goal with it? 20140715 182033 66033903 Socks with Sneakers Trend

20140715 182034 66034581 Socks with Sneakers Trend

20140715 182034 66034105 Socks with Sneakers Trend

20140715 182035 66035537 Socks with Sneakers Trend

Image from MyDubio.com

20140715 182035 66035066 Socks with Sneakers Trend

Image from MyDubio.com

20140715 182034 66034850 Socks with Sneakers Trend

20140715 182034 66034316 Socks with Sneakers Trend

20140715 182035 66035296 Socks with Sneakers Trend

20140715 182036 66036012 Socks with Sneakers Trend

Quite risqué per say, however, aside from the comfort, I’d love to hear your thoughts on the trend…


Get the Look: Kylie Jenner’s Pinstripe Matching Set by Alexander Wang

There is no denying that Kylie Jenner has been looking incredible lately- Whether she gotten work done or not, one thing is for sure- Her sense of style has morphed into a sexy, grudge-kind-of-chic, and I’m loving it.
20140711 133606 48966390 Get the Look: Kylie Jenners Pinstripe Matching Set by Alexander Wang

-Get the Look: Kylie Jenner | Find out where she was headed in this look-

You can really achieve this looking with any print you want, but if you’re a minimalistic kinda gal like me, the pinstripe is just enough to achieve the “matching-set” trend/look. To avoid looking like you’re wearing pajamas, make sure your hair and make-up is on point, and that you’re wearing a chunky platform sandal/ or boot.

Get the Look: Kylie’s Make-up & Lip Color:

I normally don’t love lip color on my lips, but her matte, rosey-ala-natural shade is one I’ve been digging a lot lately. If you are all wondering what she’s using, it is MAC’s Cremestick Liner
in the color Bruelle. Don’t quote me on it, but it’s pretty darn close. For her eyes, she usually does a very subtle shadow, and focuses on long lashes. I personally love MAC’s 7 Lash because they are long, seperated, and yet still maintain a natural look…

Although everyone has been scrutinizing her for getting cosmetic surgery, no one really knows the power of make-up until they’ve played with it themselves…

What do you think of Kylie’s recent transformation?


White Fashion Photography | TheChicStreetJournal.com

White Fashion Photography

20140710 212338 77018758 White Fashion Photography

20140710 193433 70473329 White Fashion Photography

Has anybody else noticed that bloggers lately keep posting photos of this plant on IG? What is the name of this plant?! lol

20140710 210739 76059304 White Fashion Photography 20140710 210821 76101785 White Fashion Photography 20140710 210821 76101937 White Fashion Photography 20140710 210822 76102323 White Fashion Photography 20140710 210822 76102126 White Fashion Photography 20140710 211626 76586379 White Fashion Photography 20140710 211626 76586208 White Fashion Photography 20140710 211658 76618891 White Fashion Photography 20140710 212337 77017875 White Fashion Photography 20140710 212338 77018039 White Fashion Photography 20140710 212338 77018189 White Fashion Photography 20140710 212338 77018328 White Fashion Photography 20140710 212337 77017704 White Fashion Photography 20140710 212340 77020051 White Fashion Photography 20140710 212339 77019387 White Fashion Photography 20140710 212339 77019064 White Fashion Photography 20140710 212339 77019703 White Fashion Photography 20140711 012059 4859677 White Fashion Photography Lately, there has been a HUGE trend in black and white fashion photography on Instagram and Pintrest… and I’m not talking the filter kind of “black and white”…I’m talking about the “minimalistic aesthetic” you get when looking at the photo itself, (i.e.. the photos I choose above).  The photos are primarily bright and white, and focus solely on the outfits rather than the actual blogger. The concept is “less is more”, and most commonly seen with Australian bloggers- Who by the way, have been making a huge impact in fashion with their impeccable street style.

So why is this style trending so rapidly? At first I thought it was because of the actual style itself, but when I took a closer look at my followers, I realized I was wrong.  My OCD is the reason my following has grown…seriously. For all my photos, I like to use a specific filter so that my images maintain a consistent “clean” look and feel.
The way I see is to treat your instagram as your portfolio. For example, when I click on Dylanlex’s account, she uses the same consistency through out all of her photos. So when you click to view her IG profile, everything is cohesive just as it would be if you were to present a marketing plan to a fashion label. Although the human eye loves color, it also loves easy navigation with out getting dizzy staring at a mess of inconsistent photos. There are some IG accounts that I have personally looked at, and left feeling overwhelmed, and unclear about what their “style” really was. Now don’t get me wrong- If you’re using your IG account as a personal one, then by all means- you do you, and disregard this post. However, if you’re a fashion blogger, you should be treating it as a “window” for fashion labels to get a glimpse of what’s expected if you were to collaborate with them.
Tips to keep in mind:
• Each time you upload a photo, don’t just upload a picture because you think it will get you a ton of likes/ followers. Your followers follow you because they like YOUR style. A company wants to collaborate with you, because your style might be exactly what they’ve been looking for. It’s crucial that your style should be clear, and have a strong presence in each photo. Remember, first impressions are everything…

• Try using the same filter for at least 6 photos- That way consistency is present in the first few shoots when someone clicks to view your profile. {Note: Ever since I tried this little trick, I have been gaining 100-130 followers a week!}

• Test yourself. Take a look at your IG profile as a whole. What message are you conveying? What are you trying to accomplish by posting the photos – Is it inspiration? Is it to send followers to your blog? If you could choose a label to work with, why should they collaborate with you? I know it’s easier said than done, but have a friend help- ask them to review it, and tell you what they get from your IG account when they look at it as  whole.

• Use hashtags wisely. Use specific words to describe your photo, and stick to about 5 hashtags/photo. This helps you narrow your followers, and create a niche for yourself. 

• Be YOU. Please do not adapt someone else’s style because they’ve had success with it. Believe in yourself and give yourself the credit you deserve. Last but not least, tag me in your photos if you need an opinion, or a second eye -don’t be shy, I love hearing from you guys!

Xoxo, O

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What to wear to a wedding when you hate the bride | The Chic Street Journal.com

What to Wear to a Wedding When You Hate the Bride

Caught off guard by the title? Let’s be honest ladies… There isn’t a day that goes by that you don’t see a status on Facebook saying “I said yes!”, thinking to yourself “Great! No body gives a shit…”

20140708 174741 64061735 What to Wear to a Wedding When You Hate the Bride

If a dress is too plain always remember, that a little glitz, killer hair, and makeup will do the trick. Not to mention how you carry yourself.


Don’t get me wrong, this post isn’t about being bitter because I’m not engaged yet. It’s about a select group of bridezillas…That group of brides that are only excited because they get to show off their ring. The ones that only invited you so you can buy them the ridiculous things they registered for.  You know, the ones that are secretly hoping that their ex’s will run to the alter screaming and objecting… The group of brides that tend to forget that with the ring comes a man that you’ll be spending the rest of your life with. If you have yet to meet a bride like this, consider yourself lucky, because I could probably name 20 faster than you can bet their marriage will end in a divorce next year.

I once knew a girl who declined a proposal a total of 3 times because he didn’t get the “exact” ring she wanted. I know, what an idiot for continuing to attempt…

20140708 174742 64062282 What to Wear to a Wedding When You Hate the Bride

If you want to play it safe, and abide by the “No white, no black at a wedding” , then this option is a great aternative. You can also do a white blouse and a black pencil skirt. For the heels and your clutch, I recommend adding a pop of color. It freshens up your look, and let’s the bride know you had no intention in stealing the show.


I’m sure you’re wondering why you would want to go to a wedding when you hate the bride? There’s so many reasons…for one, you have nothing better to do that weekend. Two, you got a pair of Loubies on sale and can’t wait to show them off, or three, you want to place a bet with your date on how long the marriage will last. Let’s get serious- free food, and a chance to make money? Why the hell not…

20140708 174742 64062026 What to Wear to a Wedding When You Hate the Bride

Notice that the dresses I’ve selected all seem neutral colors. That is because you should buy a dress that you can wear again. With my skin complexion, nudes are what work best for me.

So what do you wear? Do you wear all black? Go nude? Perhaps…(see below) Dye your hair blue? No, you don’t. You don’t do any of that because at the end of the day you’ll only be embarrassing yourself. You see, style and fashion are two very different things. Fashion is doing what’s expected. Style though…that’s confidence. It’s how you present yourself at any and every given event.


Hate is such a strong and powerful word, but let’s get one thing straight. Dressing incredible to a wedding doesn’t make you a bitch. Nor should anyone perceive it as you showing up the bride. Yes, 90% of the time women dress for other women, but that’s where confidence gets lost in translation. From this point forward, promise yourself to dress in what you love and feel most comfortable in…

Do you have any bridezilla stories? Share with us below!!

xoxo. Oly

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