17 Things a Fashion Blogger Won’t Tell You

October 24, 2014
IMG 6174 17 Things a Fashion Blogger Wont Tell You

1. If I’m using the #nofilter hashtag, I’m probably lieing.

2. I took 257 selfies before I got one decent one.

3. If you comment on my photo stating nothing more than a link to your blog and that my followers should follow you instead, I probably will delete the comment, block you, and report you for spam.

4. If you think I’m sitting at front row fashion week, I’m probably in my bedroom, eating ice cream, in my underwear, surfing Pintrest.

5. Please don’t ask me to do a free post and then give me a deadline….

6. If I post a food pic of a bowl with raw kale and beets for breakfast, I’m probably eating Lucky Charms on the couch.

7. If you think I have a photographer following me around taking pictures of my “Outfit of the Day”, it’s probably my boyfriend….or mom….

8. If you think I’m shopping at Zara everyday, I’m probably on 17 Things a Fashion Blogger Wont Tell You adding items to my cart.

9. If you think I do a do shoot every morning before work, I don’t. I probably took photos of 7 outfits over the weekend.

10. Facetune/Photoshop is our best friend.

11. If you ask me to shout you I won’t. (I mean, would you run up to someone in the grocery store and scream “TELL ALL YOUR FRIENDS ABOUT ME!!” and then run away??)

12. If you tell me that you love my Instagram feed and that someday you might share me to your 10,000 followers I probably….I don’t even know what to say to that one lol, but it has happened…..

13. Most of us don’t make 6-7 figures a year (but it is possible)

14. If I’m wearing a crop top but you can’t see my pants it’s probably because I’m still wearing pjs.

15. If I’m wearing a tutu and stilettos, I probably went home to change before going to Starbucks.

16. We didn’t start a fashion blog because of a modelling agency rejection……

17. We have feelings and insecurities too.


Mixing prints

October 23, 2014
c500x502 Mixing prints

T by Alexander Wang Classic long-sleeved linen top  // DANNIJO Earrings  //Gianvito Rossi Suede Lace-Up Sandals  // Acne Studios Kay leather skirt 

Mixing Prints Procedure:

A lot of women fear mixing prints, textures, and colors because it can be quite hard to do so. I mean, the last thing you would ever want is to look like you got dressed in the dark. To avoid that, I would recommend sticking to neutral colors. Although some might over-look the detail I’m about to mention, it is a “safe” way to approach mixing prints and neutrals. A heather grey is technically a muted print, while the leopard clutch is more of a bold print. However, when combing the two, they balance each other out, and the whole concept of mixing prints doesn’t seem so intimidating anymore.
Another way to approach mixing prints is by incorporating a print into your accessories. Whether it’s a scarf, handbag, or shoes, it will add a statement to your outfit and freshen the look up. I personally don’t like being daring, and that’s okay. No one said you have to mix plaid with stripes, or florals with polka dots to nail this trend. Have fun with it, and stick to what makes you feel confident, but a dash out of your comfort zone.

Oscara de la Renta Dies at the Age of 82

October 21, 2014


oscar de la renta logo 2 Oscara de la Renta Dies at the Age of 82

It is with a heavy heart that I must share the sad news of the passing of a great man, Oscar de la Renta dies at age 82…

Legendary fashion designer Oscar de la Renta dies at age 82 after a long battle with cancer, according to ABC News.

The Dominican Republic native became famous in the 1960’s for designing clothes worn by Jacqueline Kennedy, and more recently known for the classic pink dress Sarah Jessica Parker wore in Sex and the City, “A Date with the Russian”,

carrie bradshaw sarah jessica Oscara de la Renta Dies at the Age of 82

Óscar Arístides de la Renta Fiallo was a Dominican American fashion designer. Born in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, De la Renta was trained by Cristóbal Balenciaga and Antonio del Castillo, he became internationally known in the 1960s as one of the couturiers to dress Jacqueline Kennedy. An award-winning designer, he worked for Lanvin and Balmain; his eponymous fashion house continues to dress leading figures, from film stars to royalty, into the 2010s.

De la Renta was particularly known for his red carpet gowns and evening wear. (Source)

oscar de la renta Oscara de la Renta Dies at the Age of 82

Forever in our hears, 7/22/1932-10/20/2014

Source: Entertainment Suntimes