What Your Teenage Daughter Really Wants for the Holidays

November 20, 2014

Probably the hardest person to shop for is your teenage daughter, and you’re not the only one if you feel lost when it comes to getting her what you think she wants. Chances are, she probably thinks you don’t have a clue of what’s in or what’s not, so as harsh as this will sound, bare with me….She probably won’t like what you got her. She’ll pretend, and thank you because that’s what good daughters do – but this guide will help you show your daughter that not only do you know what’s new, but that you also know what’s next when it comes to fashion.

Gifts for Your Teenage Daughter1 What Your Teenage Daughter Really Wants for the Holidays

1. This is probably the best offer I’ve seen yet, I like to call it the “One for me-One for you” offer. Spend $35 on yourself, and you  get a FREE 6 piece gift set, and I’m not talking dinky little trial sizes…Just use the code SHINETIME at check out, and get yours before everyone else starts learning about this offer.

2. You could never go wrong with a statement necklace, and although everyone loves Bauble Bar, I get mine from here and they are usually under $10 and the same quality…shhhh icon smile What Your Teenage Daughter Really Wants for the Holidays

3. This is probably the one item I have seen wish-listed over and over again. What it is, is mini Polaroid camera -yes, like back in our younger days lol! Apparently this little camera is making it’s way through social media, and of course we all want what we see someone else have. I personally thought it was going to be a $200 camera, but to my surprise, I found it for just $89.99 on Amazon, here. Not bad, right?

4. Frends Headphones What Your Teenage Daughter Really Wants for the Holidays-Although these aren’t Dr.Dre Beats Headphones, they are just as good, but look a lot cuter - and I’ce seen so many girls wearing them. . They are a little on the pricer side, but the trick is to get them at Nordstrom during their Half yearly sale that’s coming up. **If you would like me to send you a reminder of when the sale starts before it’s even announced to the public, fill out your email here:


. If you still don’t want to spend that much, these What Your Teenage Daughter Really Wants for the Holidays are just as cute, and under $50!

5. Can you ever go wrong with a Michael Kors Watch? I didn’t think so….I can tell you right now, that if your daughter doesn’t have one yet, then she’s probably dying  to add it to her wrist that’s probably already stacked with friendship bracelets. I’m pretty sure that Nordstrom will not be marking these down as part of their half yearly sale (Or at least they never did when I use to work for them). However, I did find a ton for under $200 on Amazon, here.  If I do see them marked down at any other department stores, I will let you know via Twitter, as I’ll be updating and alerting everyone any sales/deals I come across leading up to Black Friday, so make sure to follow me @TheChicSt.

6. This is one that you may have not thought of, but I think that bedroom decor is a great gift to get your daughter for a few reasons. One being that we already know as a teenager, she’s probably spending all of her time in there, right? The second reason being that, this is the age she’s starting to become independent, and growing into her own skin. As parents, sometimes we should give them that feeling of them having their “own” space and give them that freedom I’m sure you probably sound insane, but it’s hard to explain. Just know that no matter what at the end of the day, she will always love you so need to have anxiety and  freak out over what to get her – enjoy the holidays as a family while you can!  Xoxo- O

Tomorrow: What to Get A Fashion Blogger as a Gift? …the list never ends lol!


Blogging during the Holidays: How to prepare & monetize your blog content during the holiday season!

November 19, 2014

How to prepare and monetize your blog content during the holiday season Blogging during the Holidays: How to prepare & monetize your blog content during the holiday season!
As the holidays are approaching, I wanted to put together a quick little guide on how to monetize your blog content during the the busiest season of the year, and suggest a few secret tips! To begin, let’s start off with some important holiday dates and sales you should mark on your calendar:

November 27th – Thanksgiving Pre-black Friday sales.

November 28th – Black Friday

December 2-7th – Cyber Week

December 8th – Green Monday

December 17th – Last day for free shipping

December 22nd- Last day for in-store pick up orders

December 26th – After Holiday Sales

Now that you have those dates, let’s start brainstorming topics you can plan to post around those dates. I’ve seen a lot of fashion bloggers do posts that are always titled, “Gifts for Her” or, “Gifts for Him” year after year, and although you might think there’s nothing wrong with that, you’re wrong. Why? Think about it, HOW many of those guides are out there? Yours will probably just get lost in the mix, so the best tip I can give you, and I’m sure you’ve heard this before – is to be SPECIFIC. For example, “Gifts for your SHOE ADDICT wife”. Already, you know what to expect from this post. Not only is it catchy, but it’s sarcastic, and well, most men are. With that title alone, you’ve immediately connected with a new & potential reader,  gained their trust, and the opportunity to sell them something.

Think of post titles as the first impression you want someone to get when they contemplate clicking – They have to be catchy, creative, and tempting. To get your creative juices flowing, Buzzfeed is GENIUS at it this. I could get lost on their website because as soon as I finish reading an article, there’s a post right below that makes me want to click on and read, and before you know it, I’ve read probably 10 articles. Which brings me to my next tip: After each post, right below your signiture, write the title of the next post you plan one writing. This way, you’re readers have something to come back to. You don’t want your readers to come, see a shopping guide, and then go searching for the next somewhere else.


Social media, and affiliate links can get a little tricky, and it seems to spark a lot of drama when different techniques are suggested. The best tip I can give you is to be authentic with your readers, and not like a telemarketer. I personally like creating different holiday shopping guides as their own individual Pintrest boards. That way it’s organized, and you’re targeting various audiences. For example, a pintrest board that’s titled “What to Buy your Shoe Addicted Wife” isn’t really going to attract someone looking to buy something for their grandma. Then again, in the world we live in it might….

For facebook, try suggesting gifts on your status, but don’t go overload. Two suggestion a day, I think, is enough. Let your friends and family know about sales going on (with you affiliate link of course) but don’t just state a sale is going on. Make it seem like it’s a secret you’re telling them. This is a technique I taught to my team when I was a manager at Nordstrom. Granted it’s a status, write it in a way that makes it seem like you’re finding out about this sale, along with them.

For example,

“Ummmm,  50% off and get $5 off with order over $100 on Chicnova – is this real life? There goes today paycheck lol!”

Big Sale of 2nd Pre-Christmas Arrives, Up to 50% Off and Extra $5 Off for Order Over $100  Blogging during the Holidays: How to prepare & monetize your blog content during the holiday season!

Notice how personable and enticing that is? For Facebook, I have found that doing this works best for me, and it’s important to plan different strategies for your different social media platforms. It may seem overwhelming, so it’s important to stay organized. I personally like using HooteSuite to schedule posts for my Facebook page. That way you don’t feel overwhelmed managing so many accounts.


To be honest, the next effective tip I’m about to share with you is giving me anxiety because I’ve never seen it suggested, so it’s my secret…

Create a SHOP page on your blog, and create categories for that page. For example, in your Guide to Gifts” post, not only mention items in that, but also refer them to head over to your SHOP section where more gifts and deals can be found. You might think this it’s ridiculous and extra work, but let me enlighten you with the reason. Leading up to the holidays, you won’t be posting a “Gift Guide” every single day. You have to mix it up, so when you DO post something other than a “holiday-guide”, it’s inevitable that you’ll still be suggesting items with your affiliate links. When you do that, put in parenthesis that the item is ALSO available on “SHOP {Title of you Blog}”, which should re-direct them to that page you created. I got this idea from Harper’s Bazaar. Whenever they do “EDITS”, or “The List”, some items will have a tiny “B” next to them. If you look at the bottom of the page, you will see that the “B” stands for “Available to buy on”. It’s like having you’re own store online with out the headache of shipping.

Side-note: This is also a create way of how to use affiliate links on Pintrest. We all know Pintrest finds Amazon affiliate links to be spam, but by doing it this way, you are bringing traffic BACK to your site, and to the page you host all your affiliate links – I know, right? I’m so smart lol….

Here’s how Harper’s Bazaar does it: Blogging during the Holidays: How to prepare & monetize your blog content during the holiday season!

I hope that these are all NEW tips to you, because that’s the point of this section of my blog. There’s nothing is more irritating, than when you read the same tips over and over again. If you guys have any additional, creative ways to blog during the holidays, please share them below!

Can’t wait for you to read tomorrow’s post on “Gfits for a Fashion Blogger” – Xo, O

(Yep – Heres the tip in action that I mention above)


How to avoid going limp – The secrets to the Perfect Oversized Scarf

November 18, 2014

THE SECRETS TO THE PERFECT OVERSIZED SCARF How to avoid going limp   The secrets to the Perfect Oversized Scarf

Have you ever wondered why it looks so limp? Did you do something wrong? How come no one else’s looks limp? Is it you? Is it something you did? Or is the scarf you bought? (What else did you think I was talking about…?) 

How many times have you gotten a new scarf that you can’t wait to show off, only to put it on and realize that something is off about it… “WHY DOESN’T MY SCARF LOOK LIKE THE PERFECT OVERSIZED SCARF I SEE ON PINTREST?” How many times have you yelled that out? It’s okay to let it out ladies…it’s okay to say you were pissed. It’s happened to me, and nothing pisses me off more than a limp scarf. It looks awkward. It looks lifeless, and worst of all, it looks like a sad little scarf that’s gone limp. How embarrassing?

So why does this happen? How do you achieve that perfect oversized scarf look? The tips are simple, and lucky for you, so is the solution.

How to Avoid Going Limp & Getting the Perfect Oversized Scarf:


I once had a client who was obsessed with oversized scarves, but every time she went out and bought yet another plaid scarf, she came home only to look in the mirror and realize her scarf looked limp. The first tip to making sure that this doesn’t happen to you is by looking for a blanket scarf. This is where length isn’t important, but width is. The wider the scarf, the more voluminous it will look.


Pay attention to the thickness of the material. A great example at what I’m talking about it is the way Pashminas fall. They’re so beautiful, soft, vibrant and come in every color of the rainbow, yet you wrap it around your neck and BOOM, it’s limp….So sad isn’t it?  (No worries though, because we’ll address this issue further down) The best fabric to choose would be wool, but that can get itchy, so I recommend going for either a thick flannel fabric, or chunky knit scarf, like this one here. However, this doesn’t mean just because it’s a thick fabric, it will look oversized. Notice below how both scarves are cable knit, yet look drastically different in volume? That’s because all these factors play a role into selecting the right scarf. Who knew shopping for a scarf could be so technical?

IMG 7345 How to avoid going limp   The secrets to the Perfect Oversized Scarf


This little secret is one of those “Why didn’t I think of that?” – kind of moments. The secret weapon is starch. Yep, take out that big can of starch spray that you probably never thought you would use, and spray it onto your scarf and iron away. {Please make sure your iron is set to wool/acrylic before ironing your scarf. I don’t want you to get mad at me if you suddenly burn a hole through your scarf- Or at least a hole you don’t want) By doing this, you’re helping the scarf maintain structure through out the day- Kinda like hairspray. By the end of the day, you want your scarf to still look voluminous, and not like a failed attempt at soufflé.

Tip #4 Spice it Up

Sometimes you want what you want, and if there a printed scarf, or certain color you absolutely love, and it’s reasonably priced, buy two and layer them together. I did this with my pashminas from Nordstrom. They literally always carry every color of the rainbow, and when they go on sale I can’t help but cave in and buy 2. That way, I can sstack the two around my neck for a fuller look. Now, if you think that tip is ridiculous, you can always work with what you’ve got. Mixing prints is huge this season, so if you have 2 scarves that you think will compliment each other, well then stack them up!

Here’s how pretty stripes look when paired with a floral print:

IMG 7408 How to avoid going limp   The secrets to the Perfect Oversized Scarf

Tip #5 – The Figure 8 Move

Also known as infinity scarves, these scarves have no ends. They’re just one big loop, and when you twist in the middle, they look like the figure 8. They’re known to look full, cozy, and you guessed it…not limp! So if you want to disregard all of the steps mentioned above, you can purchase any one of these below, and lay the limp scarf syndrome to rest.

If you want a challenge, you can go through the selection below, and test what you learned in this post.

Which ones below do you think will look limp?

If you said none, you’re absolutely right! Cheers to getting rid of limp scarves! Yayyy!

For looks, and outfit inspirations, follow our of Pintrest Board: “The Perfect Oversized Scarf

Love, Oly (US)